Egypt Solidarity – Add your name

An international initiative against repression in Egypt

Egypt Solidarity is an international initiative which endorses freedoms secured since the 25 January Revolution of 2011. We call on all those who agree with our principles and demands to work with us in building global solidarity for Egyptians under threat from the military regime.

Read our founding statement and signatories in full online here.

We support:

  • the right to freedom of expression and of assembly, including public protest;
  • the right to freedom of association, including the right to form political parties and independent trade unions, and to establish NGOs;
  • the right to strike;
  • the right to live without fear of sexual violence;
  • freedom from religious or sectarian persecution;
  • freedom of the media;
  • free elections;
  • fair trials.

We call for:

  • immediate and unconditional release of those imprisoned for exercising rights to freedom of expression and of assembly;
  • repeal of Law 107 of 2013, restricting rights to public assembly;
  • independent investigation into state violence and criminality, including assaults on those exercising any of the rights and freedoms above;
  • an immediate end to trials of civilians in military and State Security courts.

We call on our governments to suspend all financial, military or other support to the Egyptian authorities that may be used to violate the rights of Egyptian citizens. In particular we demand immediate cessation of all sales and transfers to the Egyptian government of weapons, ammunition, vehicles, cyber-surveillance technology and other materials for use against those who exercise their right to protest.



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